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Often military spouses say: “I love my spouse, I’m super proud of — and support — my spouses’ service to our country and still I struggle with how to make this military life work for me.” This book helps you learn how to make this life work for you as you support your spouse.

This is not a book about being the perfect military spouse. It’s about what you can do to make this military life work well for you based on who you are as a unique individual.
Learn how to follow your own dreams as you follow the military. Learn how to keep your energy and joy up, your stress down, and apply the research on happiness to your very own unique military life.
Learn how to make friends and maintain friends as you move with the military. Learn how to strengthen your relationship with your spouce.

Based on many years of interviews with spouses from all services, here’s how to go from surviving to thriving in this challenging but very enriching lifestyle.


What others say about this book:

“This book belongs on the shelf of every military family who wants to get more out of their new life!”
— Ellie Kay International speaker, media personality, best-selling author of eight books including the Gold Medallion Book award finalist, Heroes at Home. She is an Air Force spouse.

“HOO-AH! Or, as we say in the Coast Guard, Bravo Zulu for a GREAT book!”
— Elaine Wilhelm-Hass, Coast Guard spouse

“Practical tips for self growth that are actually doable for me as a military spouse. Spoken from the heart and from their own trials, this book will speak to everyone who reads it and is in pursuit of their dreams.”
— Cathy Sterling, Army spouse

“I read the book from cover to cover in 2 days (which is quite a task with 4 kids and a part time job!)! I believe that every command should present this book to their service members' wives when they marry as well as offer it through Family Team Building Offices worldwide!”

— K. Ealy, Marine Corps Spouse

“I love this book!”
— Barbara Glanz, Author of  CARE Packages for the Home and Balancing Acts


Tips, tools and ideas for military moves. Plus
how to create
cozy home
no matter where
the military
sends you.
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